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Most of us by now would have watched the movie Thappad, where the entire movie was plotted on one slap which finally ended with victim gaining back her dignity and self worth. We adults generally have the capacity to return as survivors or take control of tough situations, since we have been in this world for quite a long time and have gained necessary knowledge and skills.

How much do we think about children and their helplessness when beaten left and right for the trivial mistakes they make unknowingly. Reasons being lack of much awareness about the dynamics of already confused and agitated adult mind or may be not able to live up to the unrealistic expectations of the grown ups. Not just from parents, also from grand parents, elder siblings, uncles, aunty's, cousins, in case of joint family and please do not ignore teachers.

Can the child divorce their beater and move on? Sadly NO. What could an inexperienced tiny person who not even know they too are covered by law, DO, other than wait and bear the pain and humility until the monster beater finally calm down and keep ice blocks on their uncontrollable frustrations and anger.

And what happens after that, the beater do all possible actions to make the child happy in order to overcome the guilt of already happened inhuman action.

However the scar, the hurt and embarrassment caused remains in the front page of the child's memory.

This one is Picked up by ME.. And when I look back to pick only the positives of my childhood memories, it's hard to fool myself as the deeply carved scars stares at me reminding of those tiny helpless eyes.

# Avoid PHYSICAL punishments

# Choose alternative methods like bringing out firm RULES which your child can understand # Give firm EYE contact # Punish immediately and be CONSISTENT # Choose a punishment that is a natural CONSEQUENCE of the misbehavior # IGNORE misbehavior that is not harmful # Rewarding a child’s good behavior is MUCH more effective than punishing bad behaviour # Keep calm and prevent outburst, this will help you mend the damaging effects of anger on your relationship with your loved ones. See Less

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