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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I lived my childhood during the 80s, the best time a child can be since most parents at that time are not helicopters hovering around the child all the time. They just instil some good values and rest they leave it to us.

However the basic fear of the child then and now are mostly similar, so is the reasons to LIE. One of the common lie my generation can resonate may be, telling our parents very coolly that we have not received any answer papers from school, while all of them are there hidden in our school bag. Why do a child lie?

There are few reasons Picked up by ME, understanding of which could help us develop an empathetic pursuit when handling a child who has lied.

# To cover up the MISTAKES # To AVOID punishments # Adults often lie and children simply COPY them # To BOAST about themselves # So that significant adults become HAPPY and give them some appreciations or rewards # They want others to think they are RIGHT # They don't want others to FEEL bad or hurt them.

Pondering over these reasons and trying to understand the WHYs behind a lie, be it big or small, could help to tackle the problem without hampering the child's self esteem.

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