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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

There was this time when life took me to a major crossroad, were I felt completely lost. My path was filled with mist and there was certainly no clarity.

Like many women, I too chose to give my 200 percent to my home maker role. Mother's role was the toughest one. Though I passed with distinction, it very soon became part time when my children started spending major part of the day at school. I had taken this role very seriously that other than being a mother I really didn't exist.

Many days passed with restlessness, frustration and moodiness. The sight of successful working women around me and the thought of no much achievements from my part was all the most depressing. My hard earned certificates and trophyies were more like a nonrenewable trash.

There was only two options for me one to sulk into the rock bottom of self worth and self esteem and live a life of disappointments or to find a way to satisfy my identity. But how? What will I do? Who will hire me? What am I good at? YES! that's the question out of many "WHAT AM I GOOD AT?", that was Picked up by ME at that point that changed my life.

The only skill I was good at which I did with confidence at that time was cooking, one of the strongest areas of a home maker. I was craving to earn and the entrepreneur with in me wanted to gallop like an unleashed horse.

My entrepreneurial journey began then from doing food catering continued with discovering myself as a psychological counselor and a life coach.

# Cross roads are part of life # Never regret about the time lost # Look for your strong areas and get started # Life doesn't come with any rule book. So dont think too much # There is nothing to prove, believe in yourself and keep going.

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